About Us

Meet the Team

Started by 2 concerned mothers , who, just like you, want to make a difference in your children's lives.

Ruth Pawley-Kentigian is a Canadian transplant and has enjoyed Living in Arizona for over 30 years, working for Aflac for 30 of those.
When she was 13, Ruth rescued a 6 year old boy from the bottom of an apartment pool with 25 people sitting right there. Thus was born Wally the character and passion to bring awareness to this tragedy that can be avoided.
Ruth’s daughter is the voice of the slogan.

Lisa is an ASU Alumnus, and partnered with her husband building custom homes and developing small subdivisions in the Valley for over 25 years. Lisa took Ruth’s vision of Wally and created the character to help execute our cause.  Lisa is a Hawaii transplant who paddles on Tempe Town Lake with Team Arizona OCC which makes water safety a priority regardless of where they are.

Marketing Strategy:

Arizonaʼs child drownings are nearly 2xʼs the national average. SAW will market to our target demographic through local media outlets, City and government entities including schools. This will be accomplished through current relationships and forming new bonds with our communities at large, since primarily children drowning, affects everyone. Not to mention, Arizonaʼs reputation in this area. Safety Around Waterʼs website will provide educational tools to include links to Hire A Lifeguard, since children are especially at risk in crowds, pool fence companies and other barrier products that will be offered at a discounted rate. Swim Lessons are crucial in preventing tragedy around water and will be at the forefront of the educational links. The character Wally The Waterdog will also be introduced through all these methods to attract kids to learning the water safety rules we have created. The logo and trademarked character will be a constant reminder to parents , care givers and children to “KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR CHILD”, our slogan. The children will be the driving force to literally teach and/or remind the parents to be with them near the water. Psychologically, it is natural for children ages 2-4 to absorb and repeat what they have learned.

Educational Services:

Safety Around Water LLC is a for Profit Company that has and is raising capital and operating funds through Friends, Family and additionally through RFPʼs to Cities, Municipalities, and government entities that have current water safety budgets or should have dedicated funds for this imminent danger. In researching this problem I have found that there are “water safety awareness” designated funds in such places as Phoenix Childrenʼs Hospitals and the rehab-long term care facilities that the victims that survive, near-drownings, are cared for in. Our goal as a for-profit company is to fund scholarships for swim lessons, support other charities and help provide funding for people in our communities that cannot afford to purchase the barriers that can help prevent these tragedies.