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Mission Statement

Safety Around Water is dedicated to savings lives by educating children about water safety rules. This mission will be carried out through a water safety character that they can identify with and that adults will be coaxed into paying attention to their children around water.

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Children between the ages of 1 and 4 in Arizona are drowning at nearly twice the national rate.1
From January 1, 2019 – July 31, 2019, 25 deaths have occured from 93 water related incidents in both Maricopa and Pinal Counties. Those include 4 children ages 0-5, 1 Teen and 20 Adults.2
children per year are lost to drowning in the state of Arizona3

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have an adult with you near water


look for the adult with the water safety band


wear sunscreen so your skin doesn't burn!


listen to the water watcher


who was watching the child
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Each year, hundreds of young children die and thousands come close to death due to submersion in residential swimming pools. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has estimated that each year about 300 children under 5 years old drown in swimming pools. The Commission estimates hospital emergency room treatment is required for more than 2,000 children under 5 years of age who were submerged in residential pools.1
In almost 70% of the cases, the parents were at home supervising the child when the accident occurred. Frequently they recall that they had seen the child just moments before the accident. Most often the parent or caregiver was very close to the child but rarely report hearing a splash or a cry for help.2
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Barriers can help

  • In California, Arizona and Florida, drowning was the leading cause of accidental death in and around the home for children under the age of 5 years.
  • 75 percent of the children involved in swimming pool submersion or drowning accidents were between 1 and 3 years old.
  • Boys between 1 and 3 years old were the most likely victims of fatal drownings and near-fatal submersions in residential swimming pools.
  • Most of the victims were being supervised by one or both parents when the swimming pool accident occurred.
  • Nearly half of the child victims were last seen in the house before the pool accident occurred. In addition, 23 percent of the accident victims were last seen on the porch or patio, or in the yard.
  • This means that fully 69 percent of the children who became victims in swimming pool accidents were not expected to be in or at the pool, but were found drowned or submerged in the water.
  • 65 percent of the accidents occurred in a pool owned by the victim’s immediate family, and 33 percent of the accidents occurred in pools owned by relatives or friends.
  • Fewer than 2 percent of the pool accidents were a result of children trespassing on property where they didn’t live or belong.
  • 77 percent of the swimming pool accident victims had been missing for five minutes or less when they were found in the pool drowned or submerged. The speed with which swimming pool drownings and submersions can occur is a special concern: by the time a child’s absence is noted, the child may have drowned. Anyone who has cared for a toddler knows how fast young children can move. Toddlers are inquisitive and impulsive and lack a realistic sense of danger. These behaviors, coupled with a child’s ability to move quickly and unpredictably make swimming pools particularly hazardous for households with young children.

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